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Our Sydney Recording studio, Crash Symphony Productions, was recently contacted with an enquiry regarding information about singing careers. The question was essentially “how do I start my singing career?” This is a very justified question to present to Sydney Recording Studios. This is one of the places where many of the best singers around come to work. Here, at Crash Symphony Productions, we mix with these singers on a regular basis and hear their stories. We learn about he successes and the failures that they have had along the road to becoming a professional singer. We learn how it is they have became a professional singers working at many Sydney Recording Studios like Crash Symphony Productions.

The truth is that there are many roads to the same destination. Below is my reply to the enquiry.

Our Answer

” Hi Miss X,

I recommend learning some covers. Aim for 3 times 45 minutes worth of covers. Try and find upbeat songs that are current and popular. Attain charts of those songs with your specific keys and structure. Then you’ll be able to give those charts to other musicians so they can play with you live. The create a demo of 5 of your cover songs. Videos are best because potential agents and venues want to see what you look like and how you move as well as how you sound. Then hit every booking agent and venue with your demo. Once you start doing gigs regularly, people will begin to know who you are and then book you for other singing jobs like weddings, private functions and studio recording sessions. Once you are a solid singer then you can record your own songs and start spread your own music around. Of you have a cd, or product, you can then sell it and perform it live. If people really like your product they will talk about it with their friends, and without knowing it, sell your product for you. But you’ll need to have your product very available and easy to find. Otherwise people can’t find it and buy. They’ll give up easily and you won’t sell any CDs. If you end up selling a huge number of CDs then a big distribution company, or record company, or promotions company, or publishing company will want to partner up with you simply so they can make money, too.
Or you could get lucky and get signed to a record company, like XXXX, and they will do whatever they feel like with you.
If you want to make a living and have a career and end up singing in Sydney Recording Studios then I recommend the first option.
Hope this helps
James Englund “

Some may agree and some may disagree. What do you think?