Video Production Sydney Live Gig

Video Production Sydney Company, Crash Symphony Productions, will be live streaming a gig at Lazy Bones on June 10th. This is a fantastic band. They’re tight and well rehearse but they need some help marketing what they have to offer. Enter Crash Symphony Productions. We have been pioneering Live Streaming of gigs for a while now. We believe that the way to wedge yourself between the young generation and their smartphones is to live stream to them.

Lazy Bones and Video Production Sydney Live Streaming

Recently we went to a gig at Lazy Bones and watch one of the Soul Roots Revival Band’s (SRRB) gigs. it was really fantastic. However, there was something that was immediately obvious: the audience was demographically left screwed. It’s clear that the younger generation in Sydney are forgetting what a live gig is. We thought it would be a great opportunity to live stream such an amazing gig to the folks at home. This was it will help remind them why a live gig is such worthwhile investment to go and see. The idea is that we will live stream the gig and hopefully increase the numbers of people who come to the next gig. Show them what they’re missing out on so they get inspired to go to the next gig. Simple right?

Video Production Sydney Live Streaming and things to watch out for

Live Streaming is an involved process. Video Production Sydney Company Crash Symphony knows how to do it right. We’ve been getting our live streaming chops up in our own studio. Now it’s time to take it out into a live venue. There are a few things we need to keep in mind. Firstly, keep the cameras and other gear out of the road of punters. Secondly, work closely with the live engineer to get a good mix that is sent to Facebook. Thirdly, get as many camera angles as possible. Lastly, bring our own internet connection. If we do these things then we shouldn’t have a problem getting a good live stream setup.