Get heard and seen by more people with Crash Symphony Productions. We are a music and video production Sydney Studio. There’s no doubt, we are pioneering new avenues for our artists to get heard and seen online. As you’ll soon see, our idea is to combine our state-of-the-art audio skills with new high quality video technology.

Video Production Sydney Vig

Our studio has invested big in the way of the future and that is live streaming. But it’s not just anything that we are live streaming. Live stream your gigs from our recoding studio and put on an amazing audio and visual gig for your online audience. The term is “vig”. What’s a vig? It’s an online video gig.
Let’s face it, people are glued to their phones now. Make sure they are watching and hearing your new songs when they are on their phones. Engage them through live streaming. You can easily beat everybody else by streaming high quality audio and video. We will offer multiple camera angeles and make the AV experience really interesting for your online followers.
Furthermore, you get to walk away with extremely high end video and audio. Let it be understood, not only will you be reaching  your audience through live streaming, but you’ll have quality material to edit after the fact. Video Production Sydney vigs are where the music industry is headed. Unquestionably, this is the opportunity to get ahead of everybody else and put on a great live show. Our studio is pioneering the way for the technology. We coined the term vig and have found that our clients are getting incredible responses. It goes without saying, if you have merchandise, if can more easily b sold online through one of your vigs.
In conclusion, the vig is a highly technical event. It isn’t easily achieve at a home studio. To find out more about Crash Symphony’s vigs contact us on 0408 300 402 or here.