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Vocal Recording

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Vocal recording

Vocal recording is our specialty. Whether for music projects or voice over, we pride ourselves on getting the best possible vocal sound in Australia. There’s no need to fly to NYC to record your vocal. We deliver a recording quality to match or surpass any studio in the world. Come in and meet us at our vocal Sydney recording studio. Read on to learn more about what makes our recordings sound so good.

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These guys do a great job! They recorded and mixed our demo and also let us play and film it in their studio. Would totally recommend – 5 star service

- Oliver Goss Band

Vocal Recording Studio Equipment

The vocal recording studio equipment that we use is absolutely the best on the planet. We have gone to the nth degree to make sure that we have the best microphones, preamplifiers, compressors and isolation booth. In fact, in some instances we have had recording equipment custom built for the purpose of voice recording in order to push the boundaries of audio quality higher. We’re extremely passionate about getting the best results possible.
The equipment we use is the first step in making sure that the quality is superlative. We have an array of extremely high-end microphones designed for different purposes and voice types. Some microphones work well on male vocals whilst others shine on female vocals. We know that everyone has a unique voice. Matching the right microphone to the individual singer’s or actor’s voice is important in achieving this great result.
The same approach is taken to the other equipment in the recording chain. The preamplifier, the compressor and EQ, the audio-to-digital converter must all be top quality. All these individual pieces of equipment sum together to give the overall quality of the vocal recording. But there’s more to just the gear that we use. Let us explain why the studio architecture also makes a big difference.

Vocal recording studio set up

Our vocal recording studio set up is also critical in maintaining a crystal clear and clean recording. Our isolation booth has been designed to completely block out any external noise from entering into the recording. When you want to record a voice, and nothing else, that’s what you’ll achieve at Crash Symphony Productions. We live in a world where we are constantly surrounded by noise. Our brains block out what we don’t want to hear but on a vocal recording it is crucial that no external noise is allowed to dilute the audio quality.
Furthermore, the noise within the vocal recording booth has been acoustically controlled. This means that our vocal booth has no reverb or unwanted echo that can sound bad on recordings. In the recording industry this is referred to as a ‘dead space’. It’s important not to have an active space on a vocal recording because it allows us to add effects after the recording has been done. It give us more control over how the final product will sound. Reverb can be added to the audio but it is extremely difficult to remove it once it has been captured during the recording process. And so you can see that achieving a world class voice recording studio in Sydney requires high-quality equipment and a great acoustics.

So how do these features get better Music recordings?

Once we have achieved the best quality raw audio recording possible there is an array of other tools that we use to enhance the quality of our recordings for music projects. We’ll explain a few of them here. The first is our pitch correction software. We use Melodyne Studio to surgically correct and manipulate vocal recordings for music projects.
Melodyne is an extremely powerful software tool that allows us to correct pitch, stretch note lengths, alter timbre and manipulate tempo. Other tools, like Izotope RX Advanced, aid us in further cleaning up the audio sample. We also have a seemingly endless array of effects that we can apply to vocal recordings to make them sound incredible in a music mix. Companies like Universal Audio and Waves are just a few that provide tools that we use to achieve world-class results. It is our commitment to provide artists with all the tools they need in one music recording studio in Sydney.

There’s a lot to a sound recording studio

As you can see, achieving great quality vocal recordings takes a lot of effort and a huge investment. We’ve made that commitment in our sound recording studio to create a place where artists can come and be assured knowing they will get the best quality that is available anywhere in the world. It takes great hardware, the most current software, acoustically treated spaces, and years of experience to provide vocal recording quality that is good enough for movies, TV commercials, music recordings and other important voice related material. It’s easy to take for granted how often we listen to a recorded voice.
If you are seeking a high-end vocal recording studio in Sydney please contact us here or call +61 408 300 402.
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