Voice over sydney: Marketing

Everyone involved in voice over sydney whether it be the studio or the voice over talent sydney needs to do some Marketing at one time or another.
If you are using social media then you want to be able to easily manage your social channels not only for posting but also to track and respond to people. Managing your presence (your brand) across the internet is equals important especially if you are actively promoting yourself and using PR as tactically to do this.
This is a basic list of voice over sydney marketing tools but they should give you an idea of what is possible and what you can achieve.

Voice Over Sydney: Marketing Tools

#1 – WordPress
If you want a good and easy to use website then build one in WordPress or ask us for more details on this service. Your website is your online CV and portfolio of work to show any prospective clients. It is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd.
#2 – HootSuite
Hoot suite is an excellent tool for posting to social media and replying to people. Easy to use and low cost this is a great tool for those getting started with social media.
Here is a great video on how to use hootsuite

#3 – Linkedin
Linkedin is the largest professional network in the world and a key platform to use to demonstrate your career progression. Make sure you use the right keywords and build in testimonials from clients to increase opportunities for others to check your services.
#4 – Mention
Listen for jobs being posted about voiceover, track what is going on in the industry and what is being said about you.
#5 – About.me
About.me allows you to create a personal homepage with a very user-friendly URL (about.me/your-name). Even though it won’t help you actively monitor or promote your brand, it ought to be part of any personal branding toolkit. It’s also an excellent alternative to BrandYourself.
Remember “Selling ourselves” to others is the unselfish reaching out to other people, to show them how we can help them. Because to simply assume that potential clients should be able to understand from our skills and how great we are is the true selfishness.
Good marketing brings the benefits of good products and services to the attention of people who need or want those products or services.
Bad (ineffective) voice over sydney marketing says, “I’m a wonderful voiceover and you should buy my services because I’m so wonderful.” Good marketing (and by “good” I mean effective) says, “My services are great because they will help you do this, solve that problem, and feel good.”
One of the reasons top voice over sydney actors get booked is because the agent or client knows they won’t take long to ‘get’ the script, when recording they can do it in one go and will quickly choose the right voice to fit the job. All those benefits = more work.