Voice Over Sydney: Sound Effects

Voice over Sydney, Voices are incredibly versatile instruments.  Over the years many Voice Over Sydney innovators have discovered and created sounds with the human voice that just a few years earlier would have been thought impossible.  Who know where Voice Over Sydney vocal sound effects will go in the next 20 years.  Add to that the many vocal processors and other processors that can be used to create even more of an effect the options are literally endless.
One vocal Sound Effects master that I have loved to watch and listen to over the years is Dub Fx. Such an incredible innovator of Sound.  He can create virtually any sound with his voice and they sound exactly like the instruments.  I mean absolutely exactly like it!! He really is incredible to watch check it out:

Dub Fx is known as the loop master and he is a voice over sydney favourite for sure.
Some of the sound effects DUb FX can create include, bass drum, snare, incredibly real cymbals, bass lines, electric guitar, dreamy synth sounds and much more.

Voice Over Sydney: Equipment

Dub FX started off with a Boss GT-6 multi-effects pedal which was then traded up for the GT-8 and now uses a Boss GT-10B Bass guitar effects pedal for nearly all the effects used over his voice, he also used an Akai Head Rush pedal for a loop station originally, but has since also upgraded this to a Boss RC50 Loop station and then the Boss RC505 Loop station respectively. Note that he also uses an SYB-5 Bass synth to add an extra depth to the bass line. On stage he uses a DR-880 Rhythm Machine for some songs. In the past he has toyed with other equipment like the boss A/B foot switch (an add-on for the RC50) as well as a green slicer pedal as seen in his ghent performance. As for a live vocal microphone, currently he favours the RØDE M1 mic, however at the heart of his recording studio lies the Soundelux U195 condenser microphone
Voice Over Sydney Sound Effects