Vocal Production and Our Sony C800G Mic

Voice Production made better with our Sony C800G Microphone

Sony C800G Vocal Microphone

The Sony C800G is the best mic for Voice Production

Voice Production and Our Sony C800G is a great combination! Voice Production is at the core of what we do in our recording studio, Crash Symphony Productions. For a long time the Sony C800G Condenser microphone had been on our radar as one of the microphones to have in our studio. In fact, it’s widely regarded to be one the best voice production microphones in the world. In this article I’m going to look at why we chose to buy this $20,000 microphone.

Voice Production is our Thing!

Producing high quality voice recordings is what we do and what we want to do better than any other recording studio in Sydney, in not the country. Actually, the world. In order to capture the best voice recordings you need skill, but sometimes skill just isn’t enough. You need equipment. This microphone is the best. When Sony engineers in Japan decided to make the best voice production microphone they absolutely got it right with the Sony C800G. So, this microphone was very about getting the best quality.

Why does voice production sound better with the Sony C800G?

There are a couple of reasons for the dramatic increase in quality. Firstly, it’s a large diaphragm condenser microphone. These are widely agreed to sound best on voice recordings. The strange heat sink on the back of the microphone is designed to thermal shift heat away from the diaphragm, thereby improving the noise floor and sound. The noise floor, or SNR, is extremely low. This immediately improves voice production quality.

The frequency response of the microphone just lends itself to epic sounding recordings. This is especially true when they are mixed into the music. It’s a tube microphone and these are know to sound non-linear and amazing on music recordings. So, it’s overall a superlative voice production microphone.

Voice Productions with the Sony C800G Microphone

The Sony C800G comes in a beautiful carry case.

Voice productions Sydney studios and these Microphones

Most voice productions studios in Sydney don’t have a Sony C800G. They’re just too expensive and rare as hens teeth. Getting one of these microphones meant that our studio would stand out from the rest in our commitment to attaining the best voice production recordings. It was a scary purchase but we feel confident that it pay off in the long run.

Voice Production is close to my Heart

As a singer and voice producer this craft is very important to me. I do a lot of recording for my own material and I want the best for my own voice. In many ways I was achieving a few goals by getting this microphone. I knew that it would be good for our business but that it would also make my voice recordings sound better. This is important to me as an artist.

Contact us about Voice Production and using our Sony C800G

If getting superlative vocal takes and sound is important to you Crash Symphony Productions is the only studio in Sydney. Contact us if you would be in interested in learning more about our work and how we use the Sony on voice productions. Our studio email is info@crashsymphony.com.au or call 0408 300 402. We look forward to working with you on your next voice production.

Vocal production Microphone, Sony C800G

Inside our Sony C800G vocal production microphone.