Voiceover Style Identification

Voiceover Styles and How to Identify Them

When it comes to voiceover, tone, volume, pitch and tempo all carry great significance. When it comes to hiring voiceover talent, it can get extremely difficult to find professionals who are experienced. Since these talents are usually known to have different styles, it can get even more difficult to find one who suits the style or tone you require. Keep in mind there are different categories of voiceover artists. Every character has their own style and skill. To help you find the correct artist for the job, here are a few voiceover styles:

The Film Industry

In the film industry, you will find voiceover artists who have a unique voiceover styles to create a segment or provide narration. These artists usually have a lot of experience working in cartoons and films. They can be expected to modify their styles to play a particular role. These styles can include funny accents, sober attitudes, sad voice tones, and many more.
In other industries, voiceover artists provide their talents for web media presentations, online streaming audio tracks and audio books. These are all rapidly growing areas of the web. These new fields require professional voiceover artists to support the actual program. Voiceover artists with this particular style usually have professional voiceover training.

The Radio Industry

In the radio industry, you will find voiceover artists who are hired to create radio DJ clips, promotional materials and advertisements. These kinds of artists have a different tone and style to help attract customers to a specific company. For TV, you may find voiceover artists who are used for on-air segments, promo clips, TV hosts and news segments.

The Corporate World

In the corporate world, you will find voiceover artists who have a different style.  And this style is utilized to make promo clips, online presentations for businesses and training materials. The salesman style is used in conventions, video clips and demonstrations for trade shows, and marketing sales pitches. In other circumstances, voiceover artists are used to narrate the voiceover prompts for incoming callers and to create telephone information scripts.

The Gaming World

In the gaming world, you will find all kinds of voiceover artists. This is one of the vast fields for talents who are able to do voiceovers and usually these artists have the ability to do funny voices, give an impression of an obnoxious character or a character which talks very much. In addition, you may also find artists who are trained to do voiceovers in the animation storyline of a game. From Android games to normal apps, every business will have to hire a voiceover actor at some time or the other.
As you can see, for each field and sub-field, a professional with a unique style is required. Therefore, by looking at the information above, you will be able to identify a voiceover actor who can adapt the style you require. Keep in mind to pay them handsomely. These professionals never settle for less.