Sydney Recording Studios Raspberry Pi 3 B

Sydney Recording Studios Raspberry Pi 3 B

You wouldn’t think that a Raspberry Pi and Crash Symphony Sydney Recording Studios had much to do with each other…. but they do!!!! Firstly, you’re could be asking “What on earth is a Raspberry Pi? Why do I care if Crash Symphony Sydney Recording Studios are using cake in their studio!” Well, let us explain what this wonderful little device is.

What is a raspberry pi?

The Raspberry Pi is actually a small computer. It’s mounted on a credit card sized PCB with access points like Pins, HTMi output, audio out, USB inputs and even an ethernet point. Once an operating system is loaded on to the Raspberry Pi is can be programmed to do lots of cool things. So, now that you know what the Raspberry Pi is let us explain how we would like to use it in our Crash Symphony Sydney Recording Studios.

How will it help Sydney Recording studios?

We are planning on using the Pi to control our outboard analogue equipment. The Raspberry pi will be programmed to act as the controller for some motorised potentiometers that are going to be installed inside some of our in-house built compressors. These will be operated by plugin software that will operate through logic. The pi will control our outboard compressors. So what’s the benefit of this method to Crash Symphony Sydney Recording Studios? Let us explain further….

Bridging the gap between Analogue and digital

One of the great benefits of using software emulations of analogue equipment is that you can keep your ears in the stereo field and hear exactly how the tweaks that you make are changing your mix. When you have walls of fantastic sound analogue gear you need to move away from your speakers to make adjustments. You can only properly hear the changes when you have returned to your proper listening position. When Crash Symphony Sydney Recording Studios has integrated the pi with with analogue gear it will allow our engineers to remain in the optimal listening position whilst using our beautiful analogue gear. The perfect bridge between analogue and digital.
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