Video Production Sydney: History of Film II

Video Production Sydney: 1905 Cooper Hewitt mercury lamps make it practical to shoot films indoors without sunlight.

Video Production Sydney: The First Cartoon

1906 The first animated cartoon is produced.
1909 There are about 9,000 movie theaters in the United States. The typical film is only a single reel long, ten- twelve minutes in length, and the actors were anonymous.
1910 actors in American films began to receive screen credit, and the way to the creation of film stars was opened.

Video Production Sydney: Film Credits

1911 Credits begin to appear at the beginning of motion pictures.
1912 Carl Laemmle organizes Universal Pictures, which will become the first major studio.
1915 The Bell & Howell 2709 movie camera allows directors to make close-ups without physically moving the camera.

Video Production Sydney: Warner Bros

1923 Warner Bros. is established.
1925 Western Electric and Warner Bros. agree to develop a system for movies with sound.
1925 The first in-flight movie is shown. It was a black & white, silent film called The Lost World, is shown in a WWI converted Handley-Page bomber during a 30-minute flight near London.
1927 Warner Bros.’s The Jazz Singer, presents the movie’s first spoken words: “Wait a minute, wait a minute, you ain’t heard nothin’ yet.” The Vitaphone method that the studio uses involves recording sound on discs.
1928 Paramount becomes the first studio to announce that it will only produce “talkies”.
1929 The first Academy Awards are announced, with the award for the best picture in 1927 going to ‘Wings’.
1930 The motion picture industries adopts the Production Code, a set of guidelines that describes what is acceptable in movies.
1931 American gangster films like Little Caesar and Wellman’s The Public Enemy became popular. Dialogue now took superiority over “slapstick” in Hollywood comedies: the fast-paced, witty banter of The Front Page (1931) or It Happened One Night (1934),
1933 Theaters begin to open refreshment stands.
1934 The first drive-in movie theater opens in New Jersey, USA.
1937 Walt Disney’s first full-length animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, is released.
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