Voice Over to Video

Things to Keep In Mind When Adding Voice Over to a Video

Adding a voice over to a video may seem like a simple task but it requires precision. The task is actually as simple as laying an audio string over a video. But there are many details you need to consider before the video and the voice over recording can be merged. There are many areas where the final video can go wrong. There are times when the video and audio are not in sync. This is when the voices are heard before or after the characters actually talk. Let’s look at things to keep in mind when adding voice over to a video:

Create a Script for the Video

Before you begin filming the video or recording the Voice Over for it, you should come up with a script. The script should include the details of the Voice Over as well as the text you will be delivering. For short films, you need basic storyboarding skills. This will give you a hang of how the video will progress and how the Voice Over will complement it. Once you are done with the script, you can make the video. While making the video, you should ensure that the video is following the script. A slight change should be altered on the script as well. If not, you could face problems when recording the Voice Over.

Preview and See If the Script Fits

Once the video is complete, you should watch it a couple of times to see if it fits the script. A great way of making sure the video is in accordance with the script is to watch it a couple of times. While you are watching the video, have the script in hand. See if the video has parts which do not match the script. If yes, you can easily alter certain areas on the script. Also, recite the Voice Over material while the video plays and see if it matches the concept you have in mind. At times, the video turns out completely different from the script. You need to be sure the video and voice over turns out exactly the way you conceived the idea.

Recording the Voice Over

Recording the Voice Over is in actual a simple task. But there are areas you can make a mistake. To avoid any mistakes, consider playing the video while recording. Before you begin recording, be sure to go through the text multiple times so you are familiar with it. Once you are done with reading the text, you can begin recording the voice over. To make sure you are not exceeding or falling short of the proper tempo, have the video playing while you record.

Length of Video and Audio File

A rookie mistake when doing a Voice Over is not considering the length of the video and audio file. If the length of the video exceeds that of the audio or vice versa, the end result will not be as you had expected. There is a chance the video and audio will be misaligned. This is why you should see to it that the length of the video and audio is the same.
If you want to produce a great video, you should follow these tips. These tips will help you master the Voice Over skill in no time.