Voice Over Sydney: Preparing for a Session

Voice Over Sydney Preparing for a Session

At Voice Over Sydney studio, Crash Symphony Productions, we remember the old Scout’s motto: “Be Prepared”.  The more prepared you are for the Voice Over Sydney session the smoother it will go and the more professional you will look, leading to more work via word of mouth.  Here are 5 tips on how to prepare the studio for a voice over session.

Voice over Sydney Preparing – Keep the studio tidy

Clutter in the studio leads to clutter in the energy.  Clients, especially women who book a voice over Sydney session appreciate a tidy environment and are more likely to recommend the studio to other people if the studio is clean and tidy.  A clean and organised studio also makes it easier to find things such as important paper work, microphones, pen drives or other things that could get lost in the clutter.

Set up for the session and sound check way before it starts.

Today (Thursday) I ran a voice over Sydney session. I set up the microphones and all of the settings on Tuesday.  Granted the studio wasn’t being used in between so I had that luxury.  But even you don’t have that luxury, it is a good idea to set up at least an hour before the voice over Sydney talent and the client arrives.
Set the microphone up, get some initial setting on the preamp and compressor if you are using it.  Also check what is coming through the headphones.  I had an issue today where the voice over Sydney artist was hearing like a slap plate reverb through the headset.  It was because I didn’t have the low-latency mode set up on Logic.  I was not fully prepared for the session. Problems could have been avoided had I been.
These are just a few tips to prepare for a session.  I will discuss a few more in part II.